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                  COMPANY NEWS

                  Win the innovative series of Digo defoamers to meet all the needs of architectural coatings

                  release time:2019-06-03

                   HC Chemical Network: Evonik Industries Group recently launched TEGO®Foamex series 10 to 34 to help customers focus on developing innovative architectural coatings.     The formation of foam is a very common problem in the production and construction of architectural coatings, and defoaming takes a lot of time in the development of new products. Low VOC, eco-labeling and efficient new defoamers reduce production time, more accurately define canning capacity, and improve the appearance and performance of architectural coatings with minimal investment.     R&D personnel also need to understand the new raw materials and their changes in regulations, which means that the lab has to do more work and get the necessary expertise from different sources. The new range of TEGO® Foamex 10 to 34 defoamers will bring a range of changes to meet all the needs of architectural coatings.     “At the same time we launched this new range of TEGO® defoamers, we are solving an annoying and time-consuming problem for our customers,” said Daniel Brünink, Global Marketing Manager, Decorative Coatings Business Line: “In many cases, we Will work with the customer to determine which defoamer is best for their particular system. Of course, customers can also choose the appropriate defoamer through their own tests."     The new TEGO® Foamex range of defoamers does not have a negative impact on VOC content or environmental labeling. Thanks to the diversity of our products, our customers can find suitable defoamers for all relevant formulations in the field of architectural coatings. With the TEGO® Foamex range, Evonik has 30 years of experience in foam handling in many areas of the coatings industry.     The new product portfolio includes ten defoamers with different properties and different prices.